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Meet the new way of harboring

Meet the new way of harboring

Better service. Increased revenue. No more cash.

GoMarina is a complete digitalized system for harbors. Harbor fees and all facilities made available in one app for visitors. Control, statistics and communication made better in one admin system.

Pay harbor fees with your mobile phone

Pay harbor fees with your mobile phone

Search amongst available harbors, select the one you are visiting and purchase the products relevant for your needs at the harbor.

All your purchases are saved in the app. Entry codes to access will be displayed on the receipt. It is also possible to add discounts to local attractions nearby!

Register and log into the app for quicker purchases next time. Add a new vehicle, payment card, or make changes to your account settings.

Over 350 happy harbors!

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Cash is history!

Easy as a breeze

GoMarina is an efficient solution for payment of port fees and other facilities in harbors. GoMarina app sets a new standard for service, information and marketing in the boating industry.

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Could not be simpler.

- Arne Thorvald Aanonsen