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One complete harbor system




Only three steps


An easy registration process for customers to use the app. Get started by adding your boat name with registration number/type and a photo of your boat.


Your guests can easily pay for all fees and facilities without ever having to leave the boat.
Just add a payment card (VISA/MasterCard) in the GoMarina App, and it’s ready to use.


Oversee and control of valid payments made in your harbor via mobile, tablet or computer. A separate control module in Port Admin makes this easy as a breeze for the staff.

Communication and service

Good service requires good communication. Need to get a hold of your customers? Now it is easier than ever to reach boat owners via our easy-to-use messaging module.


Special activities and offers are visible directly to the harbor guest through the app. It is also possible to send direct offers via SMS. In addition, there is an information page in the app for the port which can act as additional sales for the harbor!

GoMarina Access

When purchasing access to facilities in GoMarina APP, such as power, service building, gate barrier, boat wash etc, the code is ready in the receipt.

This is used in the GoMarina Access panels and gives access to the service purchased. Easier for you and your visitors.

Management and control

Control and manage access to electricity, service buildings, showers, toilets, washing machines and other facilities in Port Admin. Conveniently get an overview of revenues and status of your current situation in the harbor at any time.


We offer several solutions for marketing! Freestanding signs, wall-mounts, or prints for pre-existing signs. Get in touch and we will gladly arrange a marketing package to fit your harbors´ needs.